Proskinitaria – Προσκυνητάρια

The shrines, little chapels and churches, often almost detailed architectural models of greek religious architecture, were first built by farmers. and workers to pray near their fields or workplaces. Now they are reminders of accidents along the streets in Greece.

Proskinitaria are places for relatives to cope with their mourning on their loved ones as well as sites, wich are built to celebrate if one survived.
It is a ritual to give their grief a dignified place in beautiful surrounding nature and to honor our precious life.
When visiting, offerings are left inside the houses and candles are lit. These scenes tell us stories of loss and hope at the same time.

The older the proskinitaria, the further is the process of decomposition. This functions as memento mori.
It tells about the fate of fading.
An analogy of everything transient in life.